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Arioso from Bearer of the golden palace

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Arioso from Bearer of the golden palace

Håkan Larsson


Håkan Larsson's musical language is introverted, reflective, and expressive. "In my personal style of harmony I have found my native language and my abode", he once commented. When clarinettist Kjell Inge Stevenson (after having participated in the world premiere of Larsson's 2nd Symphony with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2002) inspired Larsson to compose a work for him, the result was the suite "Bearer of the golden palace" for clarinet / basset horn and organ. The Swedish Art Music Society now publishes the movement "Arioso", which has been performed separately on several occasions. This movement for basset horn and organ could well be the first (?)original piece composed for this combination of instruments. The expressiveness, range and sonority of the basset horn forms a pleasing synthesis with the organ.


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