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Andersson, Richard

Sonata in D major Op. 11 120:-

For piano. Composed in 1878. Published in 1889. Facsimile edition.


Beckman, Bror

On joy (Om lyckan) klav 100:-

Symphonic poem in arrangement for piano. Op. 10. Published in 1905.


Boom, J van

Large sonata for piano 200:-
C minor. Published in 1861.


Bäck, Knut

Theme with variations for piano. Op. 2


Fryklöf, Harald

Fugue for piano 100:-
Published in 1910. Second hand sheet music.


Heintze, Gustaf

Piano trio 100:-
Op. 17. Published in 1944. Dedicated to Tor Mann.


Håkansson, Knut

10 variations and fugue on a Swedish folk song 100:-
For piano. Op. 37. Published in 1930.


Karkoff, Maurice

Poem for piano 100:-
Op. 242. Published in 2015.
Info About the music


Lundberg, Lennart

Piano sonata in d minor

Op. 33. Published 1916. Dedicated toHenning Mankell.


Mankell, Henning

Barcarole for piano 100:-

Op. 60:1. Published in 1936.

Piano pieces Op. 60 200:-

1) Barcarole, 2) Evening mood, 3) Storm brewing, 4)Ligth swell. Published in 2019.

Andante with variations for piano.

Op. 57. Published in 1943. Composed in 1923.


Sköld, Yngve

Preludio e fuga quasi fantasia for piano 100:-
Op. 20. Dedicated to Vilém Kurz. Published in 1927.


Stenhammar, Wilhelm

Piano sonata in g minor. 250:-
Published in 2008. Edited by Martin Sturfält.  
Info Abous Stenhammars piano works here. First page of autograph here. Last page of autograph here.  
DownloadSheet music sample here  
Listen to recording of Martin Sturfält on Hyperion, CDA67689  
Listen first movementMartin Sturfält playing start of first movement  
Listen second movementMartin Sturfält playing start of second movement  
Listen third movementMartin Sturfält playing start of third movement  
Listen fourth movementMartin Sturfält playing start of fourth movement  
Piano Quartet in E-flat major and Piano Trio in A major 250:-


Storm, Staffan

L´heure bleue pour piano 100:-
Published 2015.  
Info More about the music here  
Briefe zur Nacht 100:-
For piano. Published in 2015.  
Info More about the music here  


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